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For example, a trucking company would have a higher ranking than a clerical office. Texas is the only state that does not require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage. But they warn that “going bare” may leave the employer open to personal injury lawsuits by employees. Both options can easily handle basic payroll tasks; ADP takes things a step further with options such as auto-scheduled payroll runs and a small business marketing toolkit.

ADP Payroll is software that offers customizable feature packages that include payroll runs, tax support, direct deposit, benefits administration tools, and HR support. Businesses using ADP will find a comprehensive payroll solution that’s on par with its competition when it comes to payroll features and outpaces the competition in the customer service category. Both Gusto and ADP offer full-service payroll, strong HR features, many integrations, time tracking, benefits administration, and much more. ADP and Gusto can support small to medium-sized businesses looking for basic payroll. However, Gusto’s contractor-only plan, pricing transparency, and unlimited payroll processing make it a more affordable small business payroll software than ADP.

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The overturned convictions process is one of three different compensation schemes that have been set up as the scandal has developed. On Wednesday, Post Office workers wrongly accused of stealing as a result of the Horizon faults said many were still waiting for compensation four years after winning a court case proving their innocence. He was undergoing treatment for long-term post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition he has been dealing with since 2020 and for which he has been getting medical help.

  • The company uses physical and technical security measures to protect its data and users.
  • When you look under the hood, you’ll find that ADP Payroll has jam-packed a ton of features into its software.
  • Every two years a Premium Rate Ranking Survey issues a report that compares workers’ compensation premiums by state and employer classification.
  • Beyond setup and implementation, automation tools make it easy to administer an ADP retirement plan by integrating the platform with a business’s existing ADP payroll and HR services.
  • That was after a prosecution process that had ruined lives and had been linked to four suicides.

That statement is essentially true, but the level and type of coverage are different for each state and one state doesn’t require this coverage. Coverage is required for employees as defined by the state, and “all persons appointed or hired by private employers for remuneration,” including independent contractors. Some non-employees can get an exemption from workers’ compensation coverage (see below). Then benefits are paid to workers who become ill or injured while on the job. Any great payroll solution has a quality time-tracking feature that integrates well with other time-tracking programs.


ADP offers customizable payroll solutions to small to large-sized businesses. See if this payroll software offers the right price point and features for your business. Read our review of Paychex employee retirement benefits to learn about another well-established company that provides comprehensive service.

While ADP is a very strong company, its retirement benefit services do have some drawbacks. For one, ADP does not disclose online the fees for some of its retirement solutions. This could inflate the overall cost a small business expects to pay once it signs up for ADP’s employee retirement plans. ADP is a large, established payroll services company that provides retirement benefits through an all-in-one platform. It can be a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Please read the blog post  from Judge Pamela Johnson for a summary of these rule changes. Please read the blog post from our Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board staff attorney for a summary of these rule changes. Each state has a workers’ compensation program, but each has distinct and different regulations. Check with your state’s department of labor or similar agency for details. For more options, check out the rest of Business News Daily’s picks for the The Best Employee Retirement Plans for Small Businesses 2024. Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity.

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ADP boasts stronger international payroll options and has the robust recruiting, employee management, and 50-state benefits administration that bigger businesses need to best manage their workforce. Kraemer is not employed by the City of Frisco and published reports indicate that he is not medically released to return to work. ADP has 130+ compatible software integrations for its RUN Powered by ADP solution. For users on ADP Payroll’s Workforce Now plans, there are currently 389 integrations available. For businesses paying contractors, ADP’s Payroll packages integrate with ADP’s WorkMarket solution, which offers 1099 contractor hiring, onboarding, verification, and management.

If you want to learn more about the differences between Gusto and ADP, including a pricing and feature breakdown, check out our in-depth Gusto vs. ADP comparison. The company uses physical and technical security measures to protect its data and users. ADP keeps up with security threats and is transparent about resolution issues and threat statuses. Overall, ADP Payroll users can feel confident that their data will be safe within the platform. New York is one of 22 states getting minimum wage rises in the new year, according to a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute. The state’s minimum wage is expected to increase every year until it reaches $17 in New York City and its suburbs, and $16 in the rest of the state by 2026.

Is ADP better than Gusto?

Riddle said Kraemer’s case reflects the wide range of responses — from cooperative to combative — that firefighters injured on the job get from the cities they serve. Kraemer, an assistant fire chief, was in the midst of a workers’ compensation appeal when the city fired him. Under both federal and state whistleblower laws, employers are prohibited from firing, retaliating against, or otherwise discriminating against employees who file worker’s compensation claims. While this may be a good option for very small businesses with investing and recordkeeping experience, managing a retirement plan can be extremely overwhelming for larger operations.

When your employees are enrolled and their hours, pay scales, and pay dates are set, running payroll involves just a few clicks of a button. ADP is entirely cloud-based, so no downloads or installation are required. As a cloud-based payroll solution, ADP is compatible with any device with an internet connection. ADP also offers a mobile app so that you can even run your payroll on the go. ADP is surprisingly intuitive for such advanced software in terms of features, and the setup process comes with guided support.

Merchant Maverick’s final verdict is that ADP is a great payroll program for larger businesses. For small businesses with between one and 49 employees, the bells and whistles aren’t worth the extra cost. Check out our ADP vs. Paychex comparison for an in-depth exploration of the differences between the two payroll software options. You won’t get a range on it unless you speak to an ADP Specialist, who can tell you which options are available for your business. Fraudulent activities should always be reported to your local law enforcement office.

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